Himamaylan City was the capital of Negros during the Spanish Era in 1795. The city served as the Spanish garrison that kept as a stronghold to enemies. Being the center of military power of Spaniards, there are so many historical attractions that can be found in the city especially their forts that many Spanish artifacts can be located.


The city is less than two hours or 83 kilometers from the Negros Occidental’s Capital, the Bacolod City public utility vehicles playing the southern part of Negros route pass by this new city. Himamaylan City lies at the coastline of Negros Occidental. Its location is found at the center-most cove the coastline of the island of Negros. The city was accessible to different types of marine vessel because it has a natural harbor characterized by deep waters.

The city mostly is a plain land that is attractive to settlements and generally has a fertile soil that suits for farming and other livelihood for the inhabitants. The city boasts 12 feet or deeper rivers which provide easy to drainage for industrial estates and urban development. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo proclaimed Himamaylan as city under the Republic Act No. 9028 last March 5, 2001. It is the first and only city in the 5th district of Negros Occidental.